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Dosatech i50

Dosatech i50

Revolutionary technology for the dosage of chemical products, associated with a brand that has a tradition of innovation: Sabará Químicos e Ingredientes.

The DosaTech i50 metering pump operates without the need for electrical power and provides accurate and constant dosing. It is capable of dosing chemical products in a volumetric, proportional, percentage or hydraulic way, depending on its hydraulic motor, which operates between 0.8 and 8 mca of pressure and is moved by the flow of water that passes through its interior.


The DT i50 chlorine solution doser shall be installed on the outside of the tanks Easy to install, it can be used in any type of environment.


Ideal for pressurized systems of varied flow.

Technical Comparison
Aspects DosaTech i50 Metering Pumps Venturi Systems
Electric Energy No Need Need No Need
Dosage Adjustment Proportional Manual or Automated Adjustment Fixed
Resistance PVDF, Viton, AFLA Corrosive Attack Corrosive Attack
Maintenance Local and Simple Specialized Usually requires changing equipment
Operation Simple Specialized Irregular
Applications Various Specific Specific

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