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Chlorine Dioxide Powder

Chlorine Dioxide Powder

Product specially developed for the formation of Active Chlorine Dioxide in applications that require dosage precision and reliability. Developed and patented (BR102014016211-9) by the Sabará Group, it is composed of a blend of water-soluble salts, easy to handle and apply.


• Faster biocidal action, i.e. effective even in short contact time

• Effective over a wide pH range (4-10)

• Microorganisms do not develop resistance to the product

• Does not form trihalomethanes (THMs)

• Environmentally safe, does not react with organic compounds to form ecotoxic and bioaccumulative by-products.

• Effective at low concentrations

• More effective against viruses than chlorine or ozone

• Excellent odor neutralizer

• Very effective on biofilm and algae control


• Very low investment cost for dosing, no reactor required

• Low operating cost, no need for skilled labor

• The product is one hundred percent soluble, does not generate waste in the application

• It is an oxidant at least three times more powerful than chlorine

• Low corrosivity, no free chlorine

• The solution has neutral pH (~6.0), so it does not change the pH of the medium.

• Once mixed, the solution has a service life of several days under proper storage conditions.

• Powder components have a service life of one year

• Must be diluted in water before application


• The product is intended for sanitization processes, where a highly reliable disinfection agent is required and which at the same time does not generate by-products in its specification.

• Processes such as CIP cleaning of equipment, water treatment for human consumption and industrial processes, disinfection of effluents and other applications in which it is desired to reduce contamination levels.

For more detailed information, please contact our Technical Sales Department - BioE.