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Diox Range

Diox Range

Widely used by the market, Chlorine Dioxide combines characteristics that make it an extremely versatile and high performance product. Whether in the treatment of water for human consumption, in the pre-oxidation phase, in the treatment of effluents, in the final disinfection or in the most diverse industrial applications, the product presents unique characteristics in relation to other oxidants of the market.


• Biocide action faster, effective even in short contact time

• Micro-organisms do not create resistance to the product

• Does not form trihalomethanes (THMs)

• Environmentally safe, does not react with organic compounds to form ecotoxic and bioaccumulative byproducts

• Effective in low concentrations

• More effective against viruses than chlorine or ozone

• Excellent odor neutralizer

• Very effective on biofilm and algae control

The Sabará Group, through its BioE division, offers the market some possibilities of applying the product, taking care of the most diverse criteria, in the most different sectors.


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For more detailed information, please contact our Technical Sales Department - BioE.