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Sodium Chlorite

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seal NSF

We have the NSF seal, which attests that BioE's Sodium Chlorite meets international requirements to be marketed as food grade. In addition, we also meet the European requirement standard EN 938:2016 which attests that the product can be used in treatment of water for human consumption.

Sodium Chlorite Solution is a product specially developed for applications requiring dosing precision and reliability. It is easy to handle and apply.


Our product is obtained through the partial reduction of Sodium Chlorate in Chlorine Dioxide and subsequent conversion of Chlorine Dioxide into Sodium Chlorite in an alkaline medium.


Sabará Group has a production capacity of over 20,000 tons per year and is the only Sodium Chlorite manufacturer in Latin America.


Sodium Chlorite has a wide range of applications, whether in the sugar-ethanol segment, in water treatment and disinfection, in fighting incrustations on industrial equipment, in leather processing, in the paper industry or in the textile industry.


The product is intended for sanitization processes, where a highly reliable disinfection agent is required, which at the same time does not generate by-products in its specification.


Sugar-ethanol: As a precursor for chlorine dioxide generation in bacterial infection control and total or partial replacement of sulfuric acid in fermentation processes. Decreases contamination by increasing process yield.

Food: As a precursor for the generation of Chlorine Dioxide applied in the post-harvest of fruits and vegetables. It increases the shelf life of foods, favoring the transport process and ensuring that the food reaches its destination in the best condition for consumption.

Personal Hygiene: Used in formulations of products for oral hygiene, such as: antiseptics, tooth whitening products, toothpaste, among others.

Water Treatment: Used as precursor of Chlorine Dioxide, product used as oxidant biocide in the process of primary water disinfection.

Leather: Used in the stages of bleaching and surface treatment of leather, so that it can receive the final finishing stages.

Textile: Used in the bleaching of the fibers, so that the fabric can receive the dyeing and final finishing.

Pulp and Paper: Used as a precursor for Chlorine Dioxide, a product used in the pulp bleaching stage.

Metalworking: Product used as a stripper in the surface treatment of metals.

Advantages of using Sodium Chlorite to generate Chlorine Dioxide

ATTENTION: The product Sodium Chlorite produced by Sabará Químicos e Ingredientes does not have scientifically proven medicinal characteristics. In case of ingestion of the product and contact with the skin and eyes, it may cause irreversible damage and serious injuries through chemical burn. The handling and application of Sodium Chlorite should be performed by trained people using the recommended Personal Protective Equipment such as safety glasses, gloves and PVC clothes.

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